Our Story


In early 2021 the new Basil's team started work on a shiny new website and brand. ‘Basil’s Fine Food for the Working Dog’ transformed into Basil's Raw Dog Food, launching a new website, revised look, and new services, including a raw dog food subscription service. A complete food for working dogs.

The new website and brand launched in April 2021.


In late 2020, we moved to a new site in Mid-Devon. The new team behind Basil’s Raw Dog Food has a wealth of experience to help take this fantastic business forward and to bring the complete raw dog food to its customers with the same level of care and quality they have come to expect.

Andy Gray, Brian Balston, and Fred Morris are excited to engage with Basil’s existing customers and continue to offer the same level of customer service.

The Basil’s team is based at the regenerative Elston Farm, 14 miles from Exeter.


We realised early on that ‘mush in a tub’ was not going to appeal, either to dogs or their owners. With feedback from our wonderful customers, we produced food with a chunky texture and a good grist. We also became aware from feedback in the first year that brassicas disagreed with many dogs so Basil's was formulated with more dog-friendly vegetables.

It has been so satisfying for us, Basil’s staff, to know that so many dogs are now enjoying their food, including all those fussy-dogs, our precious four-legged friends who were previously disinterested in their dinner are now excited to be fed. We are also grateful for the positive feedback from our loyal customers, many of whom rated us 5 stars on Google reviews over the years.


Basil's Raw Dog Food was initially developed by two Master Butchers back in 2011.

One of these butchers fed his dog raw meat and bone from his shop along with vegetables from his family’s meals.  His dog, called Basil, was so healthy, his coat shone, he was full of energy, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. The butcher made the connection, healthy food = healthy dog. Basil was as ‘fit as a butcher’s dog’ and ‘Basil’s Fine Food for the Working Dog’ was born.

After much research on raw feeding the recipe was formulated and samples produced and tested, a website was designed, and machinery set up! The general public could now give their dogs the same food that Basil had thrived on.